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Vanitas Series (2021-2022)

Vanitas Series is derived from the exploration of traditional Vanitas works. Vanitas are historical still life paintings which first originated in Holland during the 1600s; they visualise death, consumerism, pleasure, earthly commodities and religious ideals through the objects presented. Examining traditional Vanitas works, this research emphasises the significance of the conventional Vanitas warnings fused with the Postmodern Gothic to visualise the anxieties of today.

The works are acrylic on paper and canvas and have taken a strong influence from historical Vanitas artists like Harmen Steenwijck but also more contemporary inspiration from the likes of Andy Warhol and Audrey Flack. With an emphasis on reflections, portrayed through gothic architecture and stained glass windows infused with bright vivid colours to underline hope within such a dark macabre subject matter. The purpose of this work is to engage viewers to reflect on their own lives from a more meaningful perspective, rather than focusing on material possessions and societal norms of beauty and achievement.

Reflecting the Vanitas.jpg
Vanitas Series (2021-2022): Welcome
Vanitas Series (2021-2022): Selected Work
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